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TurboCAD is a very easy to learn and powerful professional CAD system and offers great value without any compromise of capability.

The Deluxe edition suits users needing basic 2D line-based drafting but also provides very limited 3D capabilities as well - all at amazingly low cost. The price belies its professional capability. For ordinary 2D drafting this is all that is needed.

The Professional edition adds extensive 3D capability including solid modelling and photo-realistic rendering of 3D models, as well as all the basic 2D line-work tools.

The Platinum Edition is the Professional version plus the addition of many special features for 3D architectural usage and 3D mechanical usage. Very good value

TurboCAD can open and save AutoCAD DWG or DXF drawing data files as well as working with its own TCW data format.

TurboCAD's operation is not identical with that of AutoCAD although it can achieve the same things. So it needs different training to AutoCAD.

We provide training for TurboCAD both its basics and tailored to particular fields of work.

Most versions run on Microsoft Windows computers. There are also somewhat differing versions of TurboCAD for Macintosh computers. We only support the Windows versions, but the Mac version has a built-in basic tutorial.

Prices for 2015 versions:
TurboCAD Deluxe  $149.95
TurboCAD Professional  $1495.00
TurboCAD Platinum Edition  $1695.00

For latest information, for Macintosh versions, and to buy the software, see the Mindscape website: http://www.mindscape.com.au/category/cad.do

This page updated 21 OCT 2015


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