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CAD systems supported:

  • AutoCAD 
    Basic 2D for LT or full version, and basic 3D
    (Trainer's experience with AutoCAD extends from v2.17 in the 1980's to recently)
    Training is not offered for specialised versions such as Civil, Mech, ADT or for other Autodesk software such as Revit or Inventor. See an Autodesk dealer for those products.
    We cannot offer
    classroom training for AutoCAD. This is because of restrictions imposed by Autodesk. We can provide individual training or on-site group training on students' own copies of AutoCAD.
  • IntelliCAD
    IntelliCAD began as basically identical to AutoCAD Rel-10 at a greatly lower cost. But there are enough differences in its control system logic in certain areas and its menu terminology, etc, from post 2000 versions of AutoCAD  to need different training. There are now several variant editions of IntelliCAD produced by the various licencees of the core IntelliCAD Technology Consortium ( ITC) program code. At present, March 2010, most use the ITC v6.4 basis, which has significant differences from AutoCAD 2000-2009 versions and several shortcomings. These include SIACAD, Autodsys and Cadopia. We do not sell any of those versions but can provide training on them. We do not recommend buying any of those basic versions at the present time as they have some significant deficiences. Autodsys also produce a good enhanced version called AcceliCAD, based on ITC v6.6 but we do not sell that version. There is also a version from China called ZWCAD that although derived from the ITC basis is enhanced in an individual way. We do not sell that version but can provide training for those who use it.

  • progeCAD
    progeCAD 2010 is an enhanced version of IntelliCAD based on the ITC v6.6 core software. We can supply progeCAD and recommend it as the best choice of IntelliCAD versions, and the best choice for interoperability with AutoCAD users or for users already accustomed to AutoCAD or wanting an alternative lower cost alternative to AutoCAD. We provide software sale, training and support for progeCAD, endorsed and supported by the progeCAD Australian distributors, CADDIT in Sydney. [ More information about progeCAD ]
  • TurboCAD
    Deluxe and Professional editions and extensions. We are registered with IMSI (USA) and Mindscape (the Australian TurboCAD distributor) as a TurboCAD training provider. TurboCAD can read and write AutoCAD format DWG data, but its operational logic and menus are considerably different and need different training. It is extremely easy to learn and use, and is a powerful and reliable system, but those who already know AutoCAD and expect TurboCAD to work the same may not like it. TurboCAD is an excellent choice for a general purpose CAD product where total interoperability with AutoCAD users is not a prime requirement.

  • Cadsoft ENVISIONEER - 3D Architecture
    3D architectural design software, plus specialised usage for interior design and creation of custom building components. It is an amazingly easy to use yet powerful system, and much more affordable than any rival product. It provides full 3D modelling of buildings but with unusually easy operation. Very thorough realistic rendering, walk-throughs and fly-around facilities and even 3D (stereoscopic) viewing. It incorporates a built-in 2D drafting system for producing working drawings from the 3D model. Try-out version available. We offer software sale, support & training. [ See further details ]

  • 3D Mechanical Design software
    We expect to be able to offer sale and support for a powerful 3D mechanical design and CAD/CAM system soon, but cannot give details yet.  If interested, ask to be advised when available.

Individual training

    Training is offered on an individualised basis at your place of work or home, or at my premises, either for a single person or a small group. This way has the advantage over classes that the subject matter can be tailored to just what you need help with or to the type of work you do. We can offer training at various levels on AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, progeCAD, TurboCAD and Cadsoft Envisioneer.

    The rate for this is A$85 per hour, plus travelling time if outside Brisbane suburbs at A$20 per half-hour. The times and length of tuition per day are negotiable to suit the wishes of the participants or to fit in with work schedules. Half-day sessions are often good as they allow normal work to be kept up with as well, and give less learning fatigue. Evening sessions can be negotiated.

    We can provide training on AutoCAD for on-site individuals or small groups. It is not offered for classroom courses because Autodesk will not allow access to copies of the software on an economic basis except at registered AutoCAD dealer's training centres. But we can provide AutoCAD training on the client's own AutoCAD installations. We have extensive AutoCAD experience including having run training for Autodesk dealers at various times..

    On-site training is only practical usually for Brisbane and the area within a day's commuting such as the Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba. In-office training can be provided for small work groups in offices further away by arrangement and provision of air fares and hotel accommodation. For TurboCAD training please check with IMSI Mindscape Australia (http://www.mindscape.net.au) for trainers in other major cities than Brisbane.

Classroom courses

    Classroom courses in central Brisbane are advertised from time to time, usually every second month, and can be arranged for groups. For currently scheduled classes see the Classroom Courses page. Classes are held at a well-equipped computer training centre in the city centre.

    Classroom-type courses for work groups can be arranged for groups of five or more at the Brisbane city centre training premises, or at the place of work for two or more people. This can also be arranged for training on AutoCAD as well as TurboCAD, IntelliCAD, progeCAD or Envisioneer. AutoCAD training cannot be arranged at the city venue unless the participants bring their own laptop computers loaded with their copies of the software because Autodesk will not licence short term multiple installations.

    For CADSOFT Envisioneer, classroom courses are held on a regular basis by the Cadsoft distributors.
    For details contact Don Cable at Cadsoft Australia (located in Brisbane)  -  
    Send e-mail   Phone: (07) 3114-2818 in Australia. In addition, we can provide training individually or on-site for Envisioneer and can arrange classroom courses in the city for bookings of 5 or more participants. Our training on Envisioneer can be tailored to the topics desired and can include customisation.


Training Books

    These provide a valuable guide to getting started and organising your system to use it efficiently. They are offered for download in the form of Acrobat PDF files, or at extra cost, they can be provided in printed and bound form delivered to your address, or on CD.  

    If you don't have an Acrobat PDF Reader, see our PDF Reader page for details of the various free options.



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