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Individual training

    Training is offered on an individualised basis at your place of work or home, or at my premises, either for a single person or a small group. This way has the advantage over classes that the subject matter can be tailored to just what you need help with or to the type of work you do. We can offer training at various levels on TurboCAD, progeCAD and AutoCAD.

    The rate for this is A$95 per hour, minimum 4 hours, plus travelling time if outside Brisbane suburbs. Since I am now semi retired, no GST will be added.

    The times and length of tuition per day are negotiable to suit the wishes of the participants or to fit in with work schedules. Half-day sessions are often good as they allow normal work to be kept up with as well, and give less learning fatigue. Evening sessions can be negotiated.

    I can provide training on AutoCAD for on-site individuals or small groups but Autodesk will not allow access to copies of the software on an economic basis except by registered AutoCAD dealer's training centres. But I can provide AutoCAD training on the client's own AutoCAD installations. I have extensive AutoCAD experience including having run training for Autodesk dealers at various times..

    On-site training is only practical for Brisbane and the area within a day's commuting such as the Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

    For TurboCAD training in other areas please check with IMSI Mindscape Australia (www.mindscape.net.au) for trainers in other locations than Brisbane.

    For progeCAD trainng in other locations check with CaddIT, the Australian agent for progeCAD for progeCAD trainers in other locations (www.caddit.net) .

    This page updated 21 OCT 2015


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