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Introduction to progeCAD

progeCAD is an enhanced version of IntelliCAD and operates almost identically to AutoCAD, plus some extra features.

This course material explains the basic rationale and command system and the concepts of scaling drawings to fit the printer paper; setting up options for text & dimensions, how to setup a system of layers, how to organise printing, how to make best use of Modelspace and Paperspace and how to organise and set up symbol libraries. Most importantly, it shows how to use all the basic setup options to create your own template files, so that all your new drawings will automatically be already set up with the working environment you prefer. That is the most essential task for organising your work environment for ease of use and effective productivity.

This manual deals with drawing in 2D. It provides the essential foundation understanding needed before proceding to more advanced techniques such as 3D modelling.. It includes the exercise drawing files, some handy resource files, a sample layer set, a metric Dimension Style, Paperspace sheet outlines for all sizes A0 to A4, and, most importantly, a drawing template file set up for Australian mm metric usage. Additional help by email is available free to purchasers of any of these options.

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Introduction to progeCAD training manual

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